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I want to start this message with a fact that may surprise you – you can build a new home for a price similar to that of an existing home in today’s market! And for that price, you get five key benefits you won’t be able to enjoy if you purchase an existing home. Let me explain what those benefits are so you can make an informed decision.

Key Advantage #1: Flexibility and Originality!

With new construction, you can design your home exactly the way you want it. Instead of having to settle for somebody else’s design, you’re able to put your new home in a location you want…how you want it…in the color you want it, etc. In short, when you build, you’ll have a home you love right from the start!

Key Advantage #2: Safety and Energy Efficiency!

New homes are much safer than older existing homes. That’s because they have to meet updated building codes. So, you can be sure there’ll be no dangerous asbestos or lead in any part of your home. Everything – windows, siding, roof, wiring, etc. – will meet all current local, state and federal codes.

And this means you’ll also save money on energy costs because new construction makes maximum use of the latest “green” technology!

Key Advantage #3: Flexible Floor Plans!

With existing homes, you may get a “functionally obsolete” floor plan; in other words, you can’t easily change that plan to suit your needs. For example, they used to put bathrooms in kitchens! Just think of how expensive it can be to alter that kind of arrangement!

Our new construction avoids this kind of inflexible situation with open floor plans. These plans allow for very easy and inexpensive changes as your living needs change. Simply put, they’re just great for today’s style of living!

Key Advantage #4: Modern Amenities

When you build a new home in a new neighborhood, you get the best amenities available in that neighborhood – new schools, new roads, new utilities, and the access to all the newest businesses in the area!

Key Advantage #5: Peace of Mind!

New homes come with a warranty so you know you’re protected against defects for a minimum of one year. And many companies offer extended warranties! This is a huge advantage you won’t get with the purchase of an existing home!

So, there you have it – five great benefits of building a new home! Hey, to learn about more benefits of new construction with Charleston Homes…call me at 402.502.5600, email me today at wayne@charlestonhomesomaha.com or, better yet, come out and visit us as soon as possible at 5304 North 150th Street Omaha, NE 68116!

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