Quality matters – see what one of our homeowner’s has to say

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Charleston Homes has prided itself in both customer satisfaction and quality home building. We love it when we see these two things come together. Let’s listen in on Chris and Danielle during a tour of their new home during some of the final phases of the building process of their new home.

Chris: What are the Orange Markings on the Studs?

CH: That’s part of our quality assurance process. When the framers finish, we come in with a level and make sure everything meets our strict standards and things are exactly as we expect them to be.

If we have any issues with the studs, we will ask the framers to come back out and fix certain areas. Once everything is what we expect, we have “OK written on the studs” so we know before anything else is done that it meets our standards.

Chris: Why is Some of the Insulation Blown in With Plastic Over It? Why is That Better than Other Types of Insulation?

CH: This does cost more but this is a superior form of insulation. It seals up much better than other forms of insulation. It is much more compact.

CH: Why Did You Pick This Style of Garage?

Chris: I knew we wanted a 3 car garage. I liked the room the Jackson plan offered. Later, we decided added the 11-foot extension in the garage for even more room.

CH: Did Charleston Homes Give You Everything Promised?

Chris and Danielle: Yes!

CH: On a Scale of 1 to 10, with 1 Being “Terrible, I Wouldn’t Do This Again” and 10 Being “I Would Do This Again,” Where Do You Fall on the Scale?

Chris: I think we definitely fall as a 10. The thing that has been most amazing to me is how quickly the process has gone. With some builders, I know, the quality and the workmanship have a little bit to be desired, but Charleston Homes is definitely on top of this.

There’s no more truth about a Charleston Homes experience than hearing it from the mouth of some of our customers. We pride ourselves in not only meeting the expectations of our customers, but also exceeding them.