Can You Lay Sod During this Time of Year?

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The cold weather is here, making outdoor work a lot more difficult than it typically is. When temperatures fall below freezing, people often wonder whether it's a good idea to put down sod this time of year. Today, we thought we would share some tips about putting down sod in cold weather.
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The short answer is yes - there's nothing wrong with putting it down at this time. As long as the sod gets some moisture during the winter and gets watered properly during the spring time, it will be fine. Our team is currently laying sod at our Arbor View model homes even though snow is expected, and that's perfectly fine. The snowfall will provide a good amount of moisture for the freshly laid sod. 

Once the temperatures get above freezing, go ahead and provide additional moisture with sprinklers. If you've already drained your sprinkler system, you can use a hose to make sure the sod doesn't get too dried out over the wintertime. 

It's a perfectly fine time of year to lay sod because we can cut it until it's too frozen to do so. If you do decide to install sod this time of year, keep in mind that you need to water it properly and fertilize it when the spring comes around.

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