Dealing with the Stress of Summertime on Your Sod

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This year was one of the hottest and driest years on record in the summer and our area was no exception. The hot and dry conditions wreaked havoc on many of our lawns. One of the most consistent worries of homeowners, particularly those without sprinklers, is that their grass will die.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

It turns out that grass that looks like it is dead is most of the time only just dormant. When grass becomes dormant, it has suffered a great deal of stress but can survive and even be revived. Here are a few tips on how to accomplish taking care to prevent or at least help prevent the damage and stress on your sod from the elements of nature during a hot summer.

Feed Your Lawn Regardless of Weather Patterns

Many people fail to realize that with fertilization, lawns have the added nutrients and food needed to stay strong during the challenging weather conditions. You can either regularly fertilize your lawn through a company that specifically does that or you can buy it at a home improvement store and do it yourself. All you need is a spreader and a bag of appropriate fertilizer. Most manufacturers have a recommended schedule that is either monthly or quarterly.

Maintain At Least a Minimal Watering Schedule

Though the cost of watering your lawn can get way up there, especially during hot and dry times of year, it is essential to keep at least a minimum amount of watering going. At least once a day or ideally twice a day will be all you need to keep your lawn moist in order to survive the heat.

Patch Up Areas Needing Some Extra Help

Come fall season, one of the best things you can do to areas that have suffered extra damage due to the elements is to sprinkle some grass seed and maintain watering as mentioned above. It is important to buy grass seed of the appropriate type. Depending on whether your lawn is primarily in a shaded area or in direct sun, there are different types of seed available. For smaller patches you can buy it in bulk in most stores.
No matter how bad your sod looks, keep in mind that grass is very resilient and with just a little bit of care plus some time and attention – you can have that perfect green lawn again!