Mid Winter Care for Your Home

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Right around now is when we suggest homeowners take a moment to evaluate the systems in their homes to make sure everything is operating properly. Here is a list of important areas of your home that, with just a few minutes, can be easily maintained, saving you hundreds – even thousands of dollars each year.

Keep the Furnace Clean and Serviced
Just by changing the filters, you will save about $300 a year keeping the filter clean. Check your filter once a month to make sure it’s free of any dust and debris. Turn your furnace off, pull out the existing filter to check it and then make sure to follow the arrows that help guide you which direction to slide the cartridge in.

Another thing you can do starting the third year of living in your home, is to have a professional Lennox dealer or licensed contractor inspect your furnace for any broken seals or bearings that need lubrication. They should also clean burners and deal with other issues that may be going on. The typical cost of a furnace maintenance and service check is about $150 to $200.

Thermostat Should Be Working Well
Every Charleston Homes home comes standard with a programmable thermostat that will help you to save money throughout the year. It is important to check batteries and make sure they are in good operating condition. Make sure the temperature is programmed according to your lifestyle to save money every month and adjust it according to the season if necessary.

Manage Heating Vents and Air Flow
A lot of people keep some doors closed in their homes but it ends up changing the heating configuration for the home since the room is then cut off from the rest of the house. Try not to keep doors closed because you will experience cooler parts of your home despite having return air and heating vents in each room.

All of the air vents in our homes are adjustable, making it possible to fine-tune your living areas and help maximize airflow efficiency. Rooms that are located directly under the furnace will be naturally a lot warmer than rooms further away from the furnace. A great way to help warm up the rest of the house is to strategically close those air vents in rooms that are closer to the furnace, while opening up the vents in opposite areas of the house to help warm air flow. Be sure vents are kept clear of any obstructions so that maximum airflow can be achieved.

Keep Exhaust and Fresh Air Intakes Clear
The lower the temperatures outside, the more risk you have of exhaust and fresh air intakes to be clogged with snow or ice. In the winter, they need to be free of any obstructions so that they function properly and so that they can help to facilitate proper airflow into and out of the home. Be sure to check them and do so each time you are clearing your driveway.

Avoid the Use of Ice Melting Products
We do not recommend the use of any salt or rapid ice melting products since they work to expand and contract your driveway and hard surfaces on the exterior of your home. These products will serve to rapidly freeze and thaw the water molecules, often resulting in pitting of your driveway with slow erosion inevitable. To gain traction, the ideal thing to do is to spread some play sand or gravel on the driveway.
We hope you find our tips useful as you get through the rest of the winter months. As always, if you need anything at all – don’t hesitate to call us or visit one of our model locations at Saddlebrook or a newest location, Pebblebrooke. We look forward to it!