Customers Most Frequently Asked Questions of Charleston Homes in Omaha

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Purchasing a home is one of the biggest transactions most people will ever conduct in their life and it is also one of the most exciting experiences!  When you decide to build a home, the excitement is multiplied ten times over. We know this because we deal with countless new homeowners every year that have made the choice to build the dream home that matches the needs of their family.

One of the things we encounter consistently with virtually every potential customer is being asked about whether we build only in certain areas and also the length of time it takes to completely build a home. Here are the answers to these very commonly asked questions, plus some additional information that you may find useful in your quest to decide whether owning a home built by Charleston Homes is right for you.

“Where Do You Build?”

If you visit our website, you will notice that we have advertised two neighborhood locations where we have housed our model homes. One of the biggest misconceptions, however, is that those are the only locations where we build our homes. The truth is that we have built in over 55 neighborhoods and the number continues to grow. We are not attached to only some specific neighborhoods – rather we are able to build in just about any custom neighborhood in the Omaha area. 

“How Long Does It Take?”

It is only natural that once someone makes the monumental decision to build a custom home, they are anxious to move in as soon as possible. Understandably, one of the most frequent questions we get asked – almost always during that very first meeting – is about the length of time it will take before the house will be complete.

In short – it depends. If you are coming in at a time during the year when we experience higher build volumes then it will take longer to get into your home. Conversely, if you come in at less busy times of the year or opt for a home that is partially completed (also called inventory homes) then the time frame can be significantly reduced. The typical build cycle lasts about five months, giving homeowners plenty of time to prepare for their new place while planning their lives around the move-in date.

Speaking of move-in dates, one of the perks of working with us is that at the time of writing your purchase agreement, we include a closing date that has a two-week window. What this means is that when you sign your contract, we will provide you with a closing date and we always meet the closing dates that we project. This provides welcome relief to homeowners that might otherwise be left in the dark about when their home will be ready to move in. This is a feature, among other things, that other builders, simply do not provide to their customers.
To get an idea of why so many customers choose Charleston Homes, we invite you to visit one of our model home complexes in Saddlebrook at 150th and Fort or in Portal Ridge at 101st and Giles.

We welcome the opportunity to answer your questions about land, land development, where we can build, the cost of our lots and more. Please do not hesitate to ask us because we can build your new dream home just about anywhere and we look forward to serving you!