Customer-Centric and Relationship Value Ranks High On Charleston Homes’ Priority List

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When you think of value, what goes through your mind? For most, when it comes to real estate, value is equated with the price of the home. With others it is a matter of finding the lowest price in custom neighborhoods. But for our team at Charleston Homes, value goes a lot further than that. To us the value is in our relationships. Whether it is how we interact with our vendors and suppliers, our management of contractors, how we maintain team spirit and camaraderie or most importantly how we relate to our customers – it is all about our relationships with each.

Value is not something that just begins when you sign a contract to build a new home and one that ends as soon as the keys are handed over. Rather, this is a lifelong relationship that starts from the moment you choose Charleston Homes and lasts for years as you enjoy your home.

Strong Relationships With Vendors, Contractors and Suppliers

Though we do pride ourselves in being the lowest price and very competitive builders in Omaha, what really sets up apart from the rest is how we interact with our team. Whether we are dealing with outside contractors, in-house team members or the many vendors and suppliers that help us achieve the greater goal of building wonderful homes – we are grateful for all of them! Even throughout our warranty process, we stand by our commitments and work to serve our clients through the best team work and strongest of convictions.

Positive Rapport With Lenders, Developers, Realtors and Community Members

Among our most revered relationships are the ones we hold with our community members, developers and lenders in the area. We work with people that have the common goal of serving the community and making it a better place for everyone. We have built in over 50 custom neighborhoods which is one of the reasons we receive extra support from those that we work with in Omaha. We enjoy a strong bond with the area Realtors and brokers, through whom we are able to channel our homes in other ways than our in-house sales team.  In short – we know how to effectively find our clients exactly what they seek and we successfully find them what they want in the neighborhood that they prefer.

Charleston Homes Team Members – Close Knit Like Family

Unlike many other companies of similar stature, our team is among the very few that has little politics and a much stronger sense of family within the team. Even cross-departmentally we do not have the kinds of friction that are apparent in many other companies. In fact, our sales team gets along great and works very well with our construction teams as they do with marketing, finance, warranty and other departments. This is just another aspect of being able to provide our clients the best value with their new home.

The most value of all our relationships remains to be the one we have with our customer. We take pride in considering our clients family and we will stop at no end to provide the best experience ever! We invite you to come visit one of our models today – or come in and spend some time with our talented team!

5 Year Anniversary

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5 years has gone by so fast!  We are very grateful to our customers, employees, contractors and the Realtor community.  Thank you for helping us make a positive difference in the Omaha housing market.

Be sure to visit our blog again soon.  And, stop out to see our models at Saddlebrook and Portal Ridge for more information or to tour our models.  Make a Charleston Home Your Next Home.