The Charleston Homes Experience

It’s easy for us to tell you Charleston Homes will meet all of your home building needs, but we want to show you what our customers say. Since our goal is to leave you completely satisfied with your new home, we listen to what each and every customer has to say.

We recently caught up with Kevin and Renae, customers who were just about to close on their brand new Charleston Homes home to see what they thought about their experience.

What Did They Like About Their Charleston Homes Experience?

Kevin doesn’t hesitate when asked what he liked about the process from the first step of the way. “I think we really appreciated a lot of the selections you did have. You had them laid out right there in your model home.”

"I liked the different model homes adjacent to each other with the different styles. We looked at some of the different options and how they were established so we could get a different feel for the different alternatives that you had,” he said.

How Did They Pick Out the Family’s Lot?

“We got the website on the Port Ridge neighborhood. We just spent an afternoon with that website with what was available, the different lots. We narrowed down each one and scoped out our selections,” Kevin said.

"Based on what we wanted," Renae emphasized.

Construction: Right on Schedule

Charleston Homes is a process oriented company and maintains a relatively rigid schedule on the construction of the home. But we also allow for customization by the customer. This was one aspect that pleased both Kevin and Renae with their new Charleston Home.

“With this house we had a much better opportunity to choose from the list,” Kevin said, as he contrasted it with his previous experience with another home builder. “You did some research for us on certain components.” This helped Kevin and Renae make an informed decision when it came to their new home.

Kevin also expressed his confidence in Charleston Homes when he saw the construction schedule for his home. “To me, that spoke a lot about your company, that you understand your building process very well. It’s very well laid out and you pretty much met all the elements along the timeline.”

They were also pleased with building updates so they knew the status. “We knew just where we were at in that process,” Kevin stated.

We pride ourselves on being right on target with our construction schedule and both Kevin and Renae were pleased with the fact we did that with their home. “My grandmother predicted we would never get into our new house before the new year,” Renae laughs, as they are ready to close in mid-December, as promised.

The Walk Through Was Key

Before the process was complete, we allow our customers to walk through and make sure the new home meets their exact expectations.

“Any little thing that we saw, they were marking with tape and answering questions,” Renae smiled. “If I didn’t think something was right I would be nice about it. They were popping tape up saying, ‘We’re going to fix it, no problem.’”

When asked, on a scale of one to ten, how their experience with Charleston Homes was and Kim said without hesitation, “A ten! It was so easy... I didn’t have to do anything!”

These are the words of real life Charleston Homes customers regarding their experience with us. We did everything we could to make them happy and we succeeded. We would love to do the same for you and your home building experience.