Our New Home Warranty

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At Charleston Homes we pride ourselves at providing an in-house, 1-year warranty for your home. Because we stand behind every home we build, you can feel confident knowing that your new home was built with quality products and service.

What Does Having an “In-house” Warranty Mean to You?

At Charleston Homes, we stand behind our product, so we will handle any concerns you have with your home for 1-year from when you close. About, 60 days after you’ve settled in your new Charleston Home, we’ll check in with you to answer any questions or take care of any concerns you may have. Then, eleven months after closing, we reiterate our commitment to satisfaction by again taking the time to handle any required warranty work, discuss concerns, or answer any questions that you may have.

How Do I Report a Concern?

Occasionally you might have a concern about something in your new home. Getting in touch with us is easy! In fact, it can all be done online. Just go to www.charlestonhomesomaha.com. Click on the “Warranty Requests” tab. You will fill out the appropriate information, and then submit your request.

If your request is an emergency, which means that your home is unlivable, after your claim is submitted, we will give you a list of contractors with their phone numbers you can contact after hours and on holidays.

Once your request is submitted, it is emailed to a select group of people at Charleston Homes. The Warranty Manager determines how critical the issue is and how quickly a response is needed. We have issues that are classified as emergency and priority that will be taken care of quickly. Then other issues that are not terribly bothersome to you or your home will be classified as a normal warranty issue and can wait until your next warranty evaluation.

So, because we stand behind the quality of our homes, our in-house warranty service is very important.  It’s just one more way we are working to make your home buying experience even better when you build a Charleston Home.

A Great Financial Team at Charleston Homes

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During a time when many building companies are struggling to stay afloat during the building crunch of the last few years, Charleston Homes has thrived. We couldn’t do it alone though. There are many partners that make Charleston Homes what it is today.

First National Bank has been a great partner with Charleston Homes in the past few years. We pride ourselves in this relationship and are proud to have FNB along with us as we’ve grown. We’ve built a solid reputation with them as being a dependable company.

Banks don’t lend money to just anyone. The fact we have been able to actually increase our borrowing in the last few years shows Charleston Homes is a strong building company with the customer’s best interests at heart. If we weren’t, we wouldn’t have thrived during such a touch time of building.

Come discover what makes both Charleston Homes and First National Bank such a great team. We know you will be happy you did!