Why You Can Feel Confident About the Quality of Your Charleston Home.

When building a new home, you do not want preventable mistakes and setbacks to take up time and money. Also, you want to make this usually stressful experience more enjoyable by knowing that professionals are there to make sure you get the quality home you deserve. At Charleston Homes, we go above and beyond to make sure you get the most value out of your newly-built home.

So what exactly is "Quality Assurance?" Generally, it refers to the monitoring of some kind of project to assure quality – as the term suggests. There are two main goals of the quality assurance process: that mistakes are minimized before they even happen and that everything is constructed correctly for its intended purpose.

At Charleston Homes, the Quality Assurance Process is carried out by the superintendent. This person’s main responsibilities include making sure projects are done on time, everything is installed correctly and most importantly, that your house is well built.

Pre-Check … First to Arrive at the Scene!

Charleston Homes prides themselves on their commitment to superior quality, keeping your home values in mind – this is why our superintendent arrives prior to the city inspector, to make sure the home meets safety regulations and applicable building codes.

During the “frame check,” we make certain that everything is in order and properly prepared for the upcoming stages of construction. Our commitment to each client individually is illustrated through our eye for small errors that may have occurred during construction that were overlooked; things like unclosed floor seams due to unexpected rainy weather won't make it past our critical eyes. These are the small details that we care about, so the home building process doesn’t miss a beat.

Attention to Detail

Here at Charleston Homes, our superintendents are trusted and highly knowledgeable about home building. Whether it’s nail plates, insulation, sealants or lateral bracing, we go above and beyond the standard checks, even before the city inspector gets there. We ensure the house meets our high standards during every stage throughout the building process.

Check, and Double Check

We never want you to feel unsure about your new home, so we work and communicate with you to make sure all the construction is going according to your plans and selections. Sometimes, it is hard for a client to tell with his or her own eyes if something looks off – that is why we’re here for you. We are your eyes, ears and “hands” into the world of home building.

You are Important to Us

Our Quality Assurance Process requires considerable attention to detail. We provide this, while also striving to exceed your expectations through a systematic and trustworthy process of inspection. We care about the long-term quality of your home and will stand by your side throughout the process. We want a Charleston Home to be “your next home,” and we can achieve it together.

If you have further questions or comments, call us at our Saddlebrook location at 402.934.2212 or at our Portal Ridge location at 402.502.5600.

Why Build with Charleston Homes?

There are countless advantages that come with building a brand new home. A home is a space that you will reside in for a good portion of your life, so it is important that it meets all you aesthetic and functional needs. Let Charleston Homes be your partner throughout the home-building process, and we will ensure you get the very most throughout the planning, constructing and furnishing processes.

Charleston Homes can also assist you in looking for a house that is already built, by making sure it still meets your requirements and is personal, even though it may not have been built under you direction.

Consider Lofts!

Charleston Homes offers various different floor plan options to accommodate your needs: ranches, one-and-a-half story and two-story homes are all available. But one featured aspects of some of the homes we have recently constructed is the loft plan. Some home buyers may be confused about what a loft is, exactly, and the different uses of it. Let’s explain…

A loft is an attic-like space that not portioned off into rooms, but fashioned more like a studio. It traditionally resides right below the roof of a house. A loft basically provides a blank slate for all types of activities and usage. Here are just a few ideas:

Game Room - Spend some quality family time in a game room loft, or let the kids use the space for all of their toys! A loft provides lots of room to move around freely and spread out a bevy of play things. You can also let the kids be as loud as they want if you consider getting the room soundproofed.

Spare Bedroom - A loft makes a quaint extra bedroom for friends and family. While it may be smaller than a normal bedroom, you can always up its appeal by adding extra electrical sockets and lighting.

Hobby Space - If you ever just want time for yourself to do your own thing, a loft is a great place to do so, and you can partake in your interests without disturbing anyone else in the house. Sewing, kickboxing, painting, and hundreds of other hobbies can be well accommodated in a loft.

Storage - If you need extra space to stow away unused or seasonal items, a loft is perfect! Whether you need the storage space permanently or just for a few weeks, a loft is a versatile room that works great for stashing away idle items.

The only thing to be weary of when planning the usage of loft space is weight – some loft floors can only handle so much weight, so keep the amount of furniture and equipment in mind when furnishing the space.

Personalize Your Living Space!

Here at Charleston Homes, you come first. We work hard to meet your every desire and create the house of your dreams. Different flooring, siding, countertops, windows and appliances are in your hands, and can be combined in different ways to fit your vision.

As opposed to moving into a pre-furnished home, you have a more prominent role in deciding the overall look and feel of your new home. Location is also an option you have, on account of Charleston Homes currently does not own any particular property.With the location option, you gain the advantage of setting up shop in a chosen location that is in proximity to your work and activities.

Let Us Put You at Ease

The home-building process can be stressful and pricey, but when working with Charleston Homes, we will make the process as enjoyable as possible, as it should be. We want to make your new home special, because we know it’s important to you and your family.

For more information on Charleston Homes, various floor plans, model locations and financing, visit our Web site at http://www.charlestonhomesomaha.com/.