How to Apply Grout on a Backsplash

I’ve gotten a couple of requests lately for how to deal with the backsplash grout caulking separating from the countertop. That’s why today I’ll teach you how to apply grout on a backsplash.

You will need a grout sponge, a putty knife or scraper, a caulk gun, and the grout caulking. Begin by using the scraper to remove the old, dry caulking. Wipe the old stuff off the counter or use a vacuum. Sometimes it comes off in a neat string, and sometimes it comes off in bits and pieces.

Fixing the grout is fairly simple.

You want to keep your grout sponge as dry as possible. Get it damp and wring it out very well. If you put too much water on, the caulking will come out light-colored and watery-looking. Taking the caulk gun, cut the tip off an eighth of an inch. Apply a small bead between the backsplash and the counter and draw it across. 

Finally, take the sponge and wipe it across a couple of times. This keeps the line smooth so there’s not too much product on there.

If you have any questions, give me a call or send me an email. I would be happy to help you!

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