Benchmark Mortgage Is Helping to Educate Veterans About The Benefits Available to Them

Many veterans and active-duty service members are unaware of the benefits available to them through VA financing, and Benchmark Mortgage is setting out to change that.

Eric Almquist of Benchmark Mortgage recently joined us for another great discussion about the lending side of real estate. This time, we discussed a topic that Benchmark Mortgage happens to specialize in: VA financing.

According to Eric, many veterans and active-duty service members are, unfortunately, unaware of the extent of their benefits through VA financing. The VA does a great job in providing benefits, but could use some assistance in educating people on what those benefits actually entail. This is where Eric and his fellow lending professionals at Benchmark Mortgage come in.

Benchmark Mortgage is actually on a mission right now to become the No. 1 VA lending company in the country. As part of this goal, the lending professionals at Benchmark Mortgage have realized that they should be asking every veteran and active duty service member they work with about how well they understand their benefits. “You can’t assume that they know what their benefits are,” says Eric.

You can reach Eric for more information by phone at (402) 933-1141 or by emailing him at

Also, if you’re interested in doing your own research on VA financing before speaking with Eric, check out this great resource:


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