Q: How Do I Maintain My Wood Floors?

If you have wood floors, you need to properly clean and maintain them.

Today we’re joined by Tom Manley from Manley Floors because one of the questions we hear time and time again is, “How do I clean and maintain my wood floors?” Tom will explain and recommend how to care for your beautiful wood floors.

Any area that may get wet, like the front and back doors and in front of the sink and dishwasher, should have a mat or rug (this includes under pet’s water bowls). Water, sand, and grit are the worst things for wood floors. Also, place felt pads underneath chairs or stools to protect the floor from scratches.

Tom always tells homeowners that they don’t need to do a weekly scrubbing of the floor
just clean it as it gets dirty. You can sweep or vacuum it, but ensure the beater bar doesn’t bang into it. Swiffers and similar products used dry are good for general sweeping; damp is okay, but wet is bad. 

"Water, sand, and grit are the worst things for wood floors."

For cleaning, they like to use Woodwise cleaner; it’s pH neutral, and the National Wood Flooring Association recommends only pH neutral products. We sell Woodwise at our shop, or you can buy it on Amazon. It’s for no-wax finishes, and we recommend you buy a ready-to-use spray and the concentrate versions. It’s one of the most inexpensive cleaners, but it works great and leaves no residue.

We sometimes see people using laminate cleaners on their real wood floors, which doesn’t work; it just sits on top of the wood. Then the floor starts to look worn because dust, paw prints, and footprints will start showing.

Also remember: If floors are mopped too often, the water makes the wood want to expand, and it will start de-laminating and pulling apart. Protect your elegant wood floors!

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