Q: What’s the Difference Between Direct Vent Range Hoods and Recirculating Vents?

Here’s an overview of how direct vent range hoods work.

Welcome back to another one of our warranty how-to videos for repairing and maintaining household items. Today we’ll provide a quick overview of how direct vent range hoods work.

Direct vent range hoods are different from recirculating vents in that they vent directly to the exterior of a home. This means that during high winds, you may occasionally hear a rattling noise. This noise is the flapper opening and closing.

Unfortunately, due to the construction of the hood, there’s not much you can do about this. When the flapper is open, it can also cause condensation to drip down the vent.

The fans for these direct vents usually have only a few settings: low, medium, and high. You’ll also find a couple of metal filters underneath that you can clean by running through the dishwasher.

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